What is E-Waste and How Well Are We Managing It?

First, we were worried about biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes. Then, with increasing awareness, a lot of solutions came up to minimize the damaging effects of such wastes.

Today, the rising concern has shifted to a whole new type of waste – E-waste.

E-waste or Electronic Waste is the failed, rejected or useless electronic items lying around in our house, which we haven’t disposed properly yet.

With the increasing number of fancy gadgets available in the market today, we tend to get attracted and buy new stuff frequently. Technology is ever-changing and new upgraded versions and models are releasing every week. In order to keep up with the changing times, we keep buying new phones or new mp3 players or bigger TVs.

The question is: What are we doing with the used electronics?

These electronic wastes, when left unattended, can cause serious damage to our health and the environment. E-waste contains toxic chemicals like mercury, lead, etc and these can cause a direct, damaging effect on humans. They affect the nervous system, reproductive system and some other organs of the human body.

When burnt, these electronic gadgets release harmful cancer-causing toxins and when dumped into landfills, the harmful chemicals mix with the water, thus poisoning our water sources.

So, in order to keep ourselves and our environment safe, we have to find ways to manage e-waste.

The primary solution would be to stop buying unnecessary gadgets. Purchase only what you need and immediately dispose the old one.

By cutting down on our electronics purchase, we are actually doing a lot for the environment, in addition to saving money. If there’s a new model of a phone available, it doesn’t mean that you immediately have to buy it; especially when the phone you have right now is in proper working condition.

When you really need to go and get yourself an upgrade, the best way to get rid of old gadgets is to sell them. There are plenty of online sites which allow you to sell electronic gadgets for really good deals, eBay being the most famous site.

If selling is not your thing, then donating can also be a good way to get rid of electronics. Someone might be able to put your gadget to better use, thus giving you the satisfaction of donating something valuable to someone who doesn’t have the money to buy it.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is the tagline of Ontario Electronics Stewardship and sites like these can tell you how to handle your e-waste. Always try to find out the right way to dispose your e-waste and act accordingly. Spread the awareness to others who are ignorant of the negative effects of the piling up e-wastes.

Keeping our environment safe is our responsibility and mother Earth is any day more precious than an iPhone 7 as most people are generally found striving to own it. E-wastes have to be taken care of properly, to ensure a healthy life for our future generations. Always remember, we haven’t inherited the earth from our ancestors but rather have loaned it from our generations to come.