4 Tips on How to Find Affordable Movers

When it comes to finding affordable movers, it pays to use your common sense. Picking up stakes and moving to a new location is a fairly common occurrence. There are plenty of ground rules in place and plenty of testimony from your friends and family to draw on. And if that isn’t sufficient, here are 4 handy tips on how you can find affordable movers Edmonton.

Tip #1: Ask Your Family Members for a Recommendation

Even though it may seem like the most obvious suggestion in the world, you’d be surprised how many people fail to think of it. But isn’t it elementary that the people closest to you would also have experience in such matters?

If your parents recently moved to a new town, they were probably more than happy to share the news with you concerning how their move went, what the movers were like, why the truck was just the right size, etc. Along with a lot of boring Dad talk, you may as well get some solid info and an actionable reference that you can make use of.

Tip #2: Read Verified Reviews of Movers in Your Area

This next tip ought to be dead obvious as well, but… Suffice it to say that you can gain a great deal of useful info by reading honest and unbiased reviews on various websites. You’ll get a clear idea of how long the move really took, what the crew was really like, and how much the whole operation really cost.

Tip #3: Always Make Sure to Get an Estimate

The very best thing you can do to make sure that you don’t get ripped off is to ask for an estimate, preferably in writing. It’s always a good idea to get something on paper that lists the company’s various charges for services rendered. An itemized estimate is a tool that you can use to gauge the real quality of the services you have hired.

Tip #4: Compare and Contrast Your Various Offers

Don’t just get an estimate, decide “okay”, and accept it. Use the power of the world wide web to compare and contrast a variety of offers. Your move should be planned out at least a month in advance so that you can have time to sift through the estimates that you collect. This is the best way to make sure your “affordable” mover doesn’t drain your wallet.

Following these handy common sense tips should give you the best perspective on how to hire a crew of affordable movers. The goal here is to stay informed at every step of the way so that you can get the best deal.