5 Crucial Features that Every Wooden Wine Box Should Have

Perhaps you want to give out wine bottles for a special occasion commemoration or store them at home. Either way, find an effective way to store them to make them safe so that they don’t spoil or leak. Many people have, as a result, turned to wooden wine boxes for wine bottles storage. Though all wine crates are effective in keeping wine bottles safe, wooden wine crates come with a bundle of benefits that you can’t find in others. Here are a few features that every wooden wine crate should have.

1. Highly Customizable
Wine crates are available on the market with varying designs, shapes, and sizes to suits the needs and preferences of everyone. For example, one can opt for a chest-shaped, rectangular, or cylindrical wooden box depending on your needs. Others feature unique designs and can have several closure options, including the sliding door lids or the hinged lids. You can also have a wooden wine crate crafted to reflect the theme of your occasion. You can have a message to the gift’s recipient engraved on the wooden wine crate if you are celebrating a brand anniversary.

2. Minimize Environmental Impact
Unlike other wine packaging options, wooden wine crates pose no threat to the surroundings and are eco-friendly. These crates are made from biodegradable material, which makes them disposable without causing any adverse effect on the surroundings. Production of wooden wine crates also releases minimal pollutants compared to packaging options such as plastics. Wood can absorb harmful elements from the air, meaning that a wooden wine crate can help collect contaminants from the environment.

3. Durable
Of course, anyone would feel disappointed and upset to find out that a drink that they bought as a gift leaked, spoiled, or broke after being stored in a plastic wine crate. Fortunately, wooden wine boxes come with extra protection for wine bottles. Your wooden wine crate should be made of a durable and sturdy wood that can carry fragile wine bottles. Wooden wine boxes offer a layer of protection from dust and moisture, which helps minimize damages to fragile bottles.

4. Suitability
Wine fermentation continues to take place even after the bottling process completes. Wine bottles come with a breathable cork that allows air to circulate inside the container for continued fermentation. However, the cork can leak or spoil when the temperature keeps changing. Wine has to be maintained at a constant temperature, and that’s why experts recommend wooden wine crates. The moisture and insulation properties that come with wooden wine crates makes them the top choice for storing wine bottles. Wooden boxes maintain the required temperature and ensure safety. Wooden wine crates not only enriches the flavor of the wine but also preserves its aroma. You may find more information at www.ekanconcepts.com and their online resources.

5. Other Purposes
Another advantage of storing wine bottles in a wooden crate is that users can repurpose those boxes in many ways. For example, wine crates can be used for storing other bottles or as a jewelry box. The suitability of wooden wine boxes makes them a suitable alternative for storing decorative pieces and personal assets.