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What is E-Waste and How Well Are We Managing It?

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is the tagline of Ontario Electronics Stewardship and sites like these can tell you how to handle your e-waste. Always try to find out the right way to dispose your e-waste and act accordingly.

Who Will Finance Your Commercial Property Investment and Why Should You Get a Broker?

A broker is a must. He may be a part of any commercial real estate consulting company like
Altus Group or an individual with knowledge and experience who can guide and assist you in buying or selling property safely. The best way to facilitate business like commercial real estate is with the help of consulting a commercial real estate broker.

Top 6 Features an Efficient Indoor Navigation App Should Absolutely Have

Indoor positioning system by
Jibestream have also introduced vision processors which create three-dimensional diagrams of real spaces and project it onto your cloud drive for future reference.

How Software Quality Assurance Is Done

When software companies like
QA Consultants across Canada take on a new software project, there is usually a familiarity meeting to discuss aspects such as client requirements, delivery dates, development team members, and so forth. But one critical element to have in place is software quality assurance (SQA). This is the process ensuring that new software satisfies established quality standards. SQA is a continuing process at all stages of the software development life cycle.